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Web editing & Content Management (CMS)

Web editing (content management) is the process of making, managing and putting content (text, images, forms) online. This is essential for a good find-ability of your site within the search engines.

  • Your site should always be up to date. A static site ranks much less than a site that is updated frequently.
  • The content should evolve according to the needs of your customers. Or it should go along with current events and new techniques.
  • Keywords/searches are dynamic and should constantly be reviewed (SEO).

Web-Aid has been working for years with different content management systems (CMS). WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Websphere (IBM), Sharepoint (Microsoft), Rapid Weaver (MAC).Make it easy on yourself and give the maintenance of your website in the hands of professionals. This is what we offer you:

  • Writing new texts
  • Rewriting existing content
  • Updating content
  • Adding and/or replacing photo’s (or other resources)
  • Adding and/or updating Voting Polls
  • Creating and adding forms
  • Search engine optimization

Web-Aid Care Card

Below you will find our rates for web editing and content management. You can choose which one best suits your needs. Maybe you only need a few hours to put things right on your website, or do you want to completely renew your website? Then a Web-Aid Care card is for you.

Care card LIGHT

  • 10 hr: light adjustments
  • ideal: content adjustments or minor layout corrections
  • monthly: 25,-€ p/month

Care card NORMAL

  • 20 hr: regular updates
  • ideal: blog management or website content management
  • monthly: 24/7 adjustments

Care card HEAVY

  • 40 hr: major adjustments
  • ideal: website restyling or webshop management
  • free: 2 months maintenance

We also do maintenance work for your website. No time to maintain your website or not in the mood for all that technical hassle? Then choose our Web-Aid Maintenance contract

Web-Aid Maintenance contract updates their software versions almost every month. This has consequences for your website and for all installed plug-ins and templates. These must therefore also be updated every month. All these adjustments are necessary to keep your site stable and secure.

Maintenance contract

  • backup: a backup of your site every month
  • update: wordpress core, themes & plugins
  • benefit:: free minor content adjustments

Care card LIGHT

from 25/month
  • choose: the carecard that suits your needs
  • ideal: for large or small adjudsments
  • flexibility: adjustments 'on call' 24/7

If you have other needs or you think you cannot get it right with the Web-Aid maintenance contract or the Web-Aid Care Cards, please contact us free of charge. We can work it out together. Please contact us.