Web editing (content management) is the process of making, managing and putting content (text, images, forms) online. This is essential for a good find-ability of your site within the search engines.

  • Your site should always be up to date. A static site ranks much less than a site that is updated frequently.
  • The content should evolve according to the needs of your customers. Or it should go along with current events and new techniques.
  • Keywords/searches are dynamic and should constantly be reviewed (SEO).


Web-Aid has been working for years with different content management systems (CMS). WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Websphere (IBM), Sharepoint (Microsoft), Rapid Weaver (MAC).

Make it easy on yourself and give the maintenance of your website in the hands of professionals.

You can think of:

  • Writing new texts
  • Rewriting existing content
  • Updating content
  • Adding and/or replacing photo’s (or other resources)
  • Adding and/or updating Voting Polls
  • Creating and adding forms
  • Search engine optimization

For this type of maintenance work we’ve created a helpful Web-Aid Care Card.

How does the Web-Aid Care Card work?

It’s simple. You buy a card in advance of, for example, 10 strips. This counts for 10 hours web site maintenance. The card can be used for all the above different services. With every hour of maintenance your Card will be charged. You will receive an email with a short description of the changes and the remaining credit on your Web-Aid Care Card. If you have less than 4 strips on your Card, you will receive a message so you can buy a new one on time. The Care Card remains valid for one year after purchase. Check our rates.

If desired, we also provide training on these Content Management systems (CMS), so in the long term you can perform this work yourself. Know more?

Is the Web-Aid Care Card something for you?

Order our Care Card now!


We provide annual maintenance for websites

No time for website maintenance or to dig into technical details?
Wordpress.org updates its software versions almost every month. This may have a serious impact on your website and all the plug-ins and templates that were installed to build your website. You must update all these elements regularly. This will keep your website stable and safe.

Making updates is, in principle, not very complicated. But sometimes the updates don’t go the way you would like to, and what should have been something easy to do will turn into a nightmare. Don’t lose your time and let us do the job for you.

After every update we will back-up your website so you’ll alway keep the most updated version of your website.

Order now our Web-Aid Annual Maintenance Contract.