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Rates web design

There are no standard companies, therefore there are no standard websites. You have specific needs and therefore we have no standard prices.

The prices (rates Web design) are, among other things, influenced by:

  • the functionalities of the site
  • the size of the site
  • whether or not to have an online store


For a simple website with a limited number of pages we use a lower rate (starting from € 575,-) than for a website with a more complex structure and/or extra wishes like setting up a contact form, integration of agenda or Facebook, etc. For a more comprehensive website you should think of an amount starting from € 1050,-.


Rates business Facebook Page

By regularly placing messages, pictures, news items or actions on your business Facebook page you not only inform your (furure) customers, but you can also maintain contact in a fast and easy way. We make sure that these updates also can be followed on your website. Additional advantage is that, by having a business Facebook page, you increase the visibility of your website in Google or other search engines.

Of course this business Facebook page will be entirely in your company’s style.

All prices are in euros and do not include VAT.

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