Of course everyone wants a “beautiful” website, but does it also fit with your customers or your business? Is the message clear enough and the site easy to navigate through for your (future) customer? The busier and chaotic the site is, the more visitors will drop off. Those are missed opportunities.

We build your site with an appropriate web design in consultation with you and we look at what is important for you and your audience. Our design is custom made.

Because the vast majority of people nowadays use a mobile device to search on the Internet, all our websites are suitable for tablet and smartphone (responsive design).

Using the right photos (on the site) will invite your visitor to stay longer on your site and to look further.

You can provide us your own photos witch we, where necessary, can edit for you (Photoshop). We can also take the photos for you and choose for the one’s that suit your business most appropriately. Another possibility is to purchase them from a worldwide photo database.

If you wish, you will be able to edit your own website with WordPress.

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