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Social media monitoring

Outsource social media

Of course, every company wants to make use of the possibilities that social media offers, but often there is insufficient knowledge or time. You may already be active on social media, but you want to get more results from your activities. Or do you need help setting up a social media approach and / or formulating a social media strategy that also matches your corporate identity?

Web-Aid has a dedicated team of social media experts to whom you can outsource your wishes.

By outsourcing your social media to Web-Aid, you benefit from our many years of experience. Not all social networks are the same or target the same target group. Based on your needs, we analyze which social media channels are most suitable for you. We take away the worry about your business posts (writing, posting and monitoring); especially when and what needs to be communicated in the messages and conversations.

We will regularly analyze the campaigns and provide feedback on the results. We will also check how the posts contributed to a better customer experience or to a better image of your company.

All advantages at a glance

Web-Aid has social media specialists who have extensive experience with the various channels. We write, post and monitor messages on social media for many (pharmaceutical) organizations. We do this within all legal frameworks and the relevant corporate code of conduct.

Outsourcing social media to Web-Aid means:

  • On call (available 24/7)
  • Privacy, compliance & data protection
  • Time saving and fast response
  • Improved customer experience and increased customer confidence
  • Producing a series of posts with unique images / content in the right tone
  • Expertise in human & intelligent monitoring Social media advertising
  • Facebook promotions (offers, web shops, events)
  • Comprehensive oriented targeting
  • Reports and analyzes of results, possibly adjusting campaigns

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